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Translation Service

Academic Translation

We assign manuscripts and research papers to our translators according to their academic specialization. Our academic translation service ensures correct translation of technical content and subject-specific jargon, avoiding paraphrasing.

Non-academic Translation

Our editors focus on translating the author’s opinions and thoughts clearly as it is more subjective in nature. The content is translated keeping in mind the target group of readers.

Service Highlights

  • Team of subject-matter experts
  • Professional and experienced translators
  • Both academic and non-academic translation service offered
  • Bilingual experts
  • Ready-to-publish document delivery
  • Content localization

Additional Support Services

  • Free journal formatting
  • Free Q&A sessions with translator and editor
  • 60% discount in re-editing the entire manuscript under Premium Translation
  • Free translation & editing certificate for Advanced and Premium Translation

Features & Benefits

  • 150,000+ authors served worldwide
  • 1200 + subject areas covered
  • 120 + translators
  • Translators with Master’s and PhDs
  • Cutting-ege technology fr accurate translation
  • Competent in-house team of native Eglish editors and bilingual experts
  • Committed team providing 24/7 support to ensure 100% customer satisfaction

Types of Translation Services

Basic Translation (Translation)

We support our authors by translating their ideas in the form of a manuscript. With our basic translation service, authors can get their work translated in the desired language. Our team offers a word-to-word translation of the academic manuscript. The projects are assigned to bilingual experts according to their field of study. Each document is translated with accuracy.

Advanced Translation (Translation +Translation Checks)

After the translation is done, the document is checked by our bilingual experts. They focus on reviewing and critically examining the complete language structure without altering the original meaning. In addition to checking the translation for correctness, the entire content is localized by incorporating the socio and cultural perspectives.

Premium Translation (Translation + Copyediting + Proofreading)

We offer a 3-step translation process where the content is translated, edited, and reviewed by our team of professional editors. Our blingual experts review the manuscript to ensure that the actual meaning of the text is conveyed properly. We have designed the Premium Translation service to meet international standards of the publishing industry.


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Translation of text in the desired language

Accuracy checks done by the billingual expert

File checked for language and grammar by a subject specialist

Manuscript checked by a reviewer and sent to the author

Quality Assurance:-

Author Assists develops effective publication tools and resources to support authors and research communities and universities all over the world. We have designed a personalized quality check model to deliver formatted and reviewed finished projects on time.


The editors at Author Assists have exceptional competency in their chosen field of study. They have the right skill set and relevant experience in editing the manuscript for highly challenging copyediting and proofreading of complex topics. For 100% quality assurance, the manuscripts are rechecked by a senior reviewer and a language expert.