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Life Science deals with research topics on living organisms, molecular therapy, microbiology, and much more. Our editors understand the relevance of incorporating mechanistic diagrams and make the manuscript brief in terms of content. Our online research paper editors and language editors craft the content in such a way that it can be understood by readers who are exploring a new field of study. Feel free to inquire with our team in case you do not find the desired subject area.


Agricultural Chemistry Agricultural Communication Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Education Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Philosophy
Agricultural Policy Agricultural Soil Science Agroecology
Agronomy Horticulture


Animal Biochemistry Enzymology General Biochemistry
Metabolism Plant Biochemistry Proteomics/Protein Studies


Animal and Plant Biochemistry Biomedical Engineering Biomimetics
Biotechnology Cellular Engineering Endocrinology
Molecular Chemistry Nutrition Pharmaceuticals
Tissue Engineering Toxicology


Anatomy Bioinformatics Biomaterial Science
Biomedical Research (Experimental Medicine) Biomodeling Biophysics
Bioscience Biosciences Education Biostatistics
Cancer Research Cell Biology Chronobiology
Cognitive Science Computational Biology Dental Research
Developmental Biology Embryology Entomology
Evolutionary Biology Food Sciences Forensic biosciences
General/Molecular Pathology Immunology Marine Sciences
Metabolomics Molecular Biology Paleobiology
Structural Biology Taxonomy Toxicology


Botany Phycology Plant Anatomy/Phytoanatomy
Plant Chemistry/Phytochemistry Plant Genetics/Phytogenetics Plant Pathology/Phytopathology
Plant Physiology/Phytophysiology

Environmental Biosciences

Biosphere Sciences Conservation (Habitat, Wildlife, Species, Water) Ecology
Environmental Biochemistry Environmental Material Sciences Environmental Resources
Environmental Toxicology Paleontology Soil Sciences
Waste Management


Applied Genetics Epigenetics Genetic Engineering
Genetics Genomics Nucleic Acid Research


Agricultural Microbiology Bacteriology Environmental Microbiology
Food Microbiology Industrial Microbiology Medical Microbiology
Microbial Physiology Microbiology Mycology
Parasitology Virology


Behavioural Neuroscience Cellular Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience
Computational Neuroscience Developmental Neuroscience Neurophysiology

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Forensic Toxicology Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Research
Pharmaceutical Sciences (Others) Pharmaceutics Pharmacogenomics
Pharmacognosy Pharmacy

Social Biosciences

Anthropology Archaeology


Acarology Anthrozoology Arachnology
Cetology Ethology Helminthology
Herpetology Ichthyology Malacology
Mammalogy Nematology Ornithology
Protozoology Veterinary Sciences Zoography

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Our company has collaborated with thousands of scholars, researchers, organizations, and libraries to transform the research publishing industry.

We believe in the power of content and deliver high-end editing service to clients. We promise 100% quality, on-time delivery, and error-free manuscripts.

Quality Guarantee:

Cosmic Strands has assisted leading authors, journals, and clients across the globe.


The English Editing Services are designed to improve the language of the manuscript and increase its acceptance rate. However, we would not offer a 100% guarantee of publication. We offer customized end-to-end support publishing tools and resources to our clients.

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