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Subject-Area Expertise

At Author Assists, we place a lot of emphasis on subject-area expertise. We follow a best-practice-based editing set up where our editors work within highly specialized subject-area teams that optimize both language and subject expertise to deliver a high-quality manuscript output. Our subject-area experts work to ensure your manuscript is free of all errors and match the international publishing standards within your industry. At Author Assists, the projects are assigned according to their field of study so that the translators can grab the key concepts and translate the written text without altering its meaning. Editors use their technical knowledge to translate the text into a simpler format according to the target audience. Our team begins by understanding the subject area so that they can put their skills into use. The editors specialize in creating content in different styles and formats such as articles, research reports, manuscripts, and much more.

Our enthusiastic team of PhDs scholars offers excellent quality of English editing and publishing services at a great price. We are here to assist authors to get published in well-renowned journals with a high impact factor and reach. We also offer a post-submission service to our clients.

We offer our expertise in over 1200+ subjects areas with an astounding record of editing 1,000,000+ manuscripts till now.



Get published in reputed medical journals by submitting high-quality and polished manuscripts.

Life Science

We edit research papers based on advanced scientific technologies and physiological mechanisms.

Physical Science and Engineering

Our subject-matter experts edit the manuscript by focusing on the key concepts of Materials Science.

Business and Economics

We work to ensure that the quantitative methods and market related concepts are comprehensible to the target audience.

Arts & Humanities

We delve into the academic disciplines of Philosophy, Literatures, and Writing to improve the language structure of the manuscript.