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Flexible Payment

We understand the concerns of our authors and offer payment flexibility with our advance and post-payment solutions.

For increasing our client’s convenience and offering better options, we follow a hassle-free method to help clients navigate our website without any hassle. We always look forward to making our client’s experience seamless by adopting the new technology trends that are easy to access as well.

Using advanced options, we ensure to offer a safe and secure mode of payment to prevent online frauds. If you need to inquire about our editing services, simply click on, ‘Get a Quote,’ or ‘Enquire now,’ and enter the project details. You can also enquire about the discount offers by visiting our website and social media channels or contacting our live chat agents.

We at Author Assists are currently offering four types of membership plans to our clients: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. By opting for our basic membership plan, our clients can avail one free re-edit of the article rejected by publishers on the basis of poor language.

By opting for the Silver, Gold, and Platinum membership plans, our clients can avail one re-edit with 5%, 10%, and 15% changes within the manuscript, respectively.

Why go with our flexible payment option?

Author Assists client service executives guide customers step by step through the payment process.

  • Author Assists offers flexible payment options to authors with rates that are customized by our team of experts based on the type and nature of the manuscripts.
  • Clients can make the payment either after selecting a service plan or after receiving the complete project submission.
  • Payment options and rates of services can be revised.
  • Our client service team works closely with authors to help them with the best payment option.

Author Assists’ Assurance

Our company has collaborated with thousands of scholars, researchers, organizations, and libraries to transform the research publishing industry.

We believe in the power of content and deliver high-end editing service to clients. We promise 100% quality, on-time delivery, and error-free manuscripts.

Quality Guarantee:

Cosmic Strands has assisted leading authors, journals, and clients across the globe.


The English Editing Services are designed to improve the language of the manuscript and increase its acceptance rate. However, we would not offer a 100% guarantee of publication. We offer customized end-to-end support publishing tools and resources to our clients.

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Meet our team of editors

The editors at Author Assists have exceptional competency in their chosen field of study. They have the right skill set and relevant experience in editing the manuscript for highly challenging copyediting and proofreading of complex topics. For 100% quality assurance, the manuscripts are rechecked by a senior reviewer and a language expert.