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Advanced Data Security

Security is key for storing and accessing sensitive information. We use a 256-bit SSL secured network to ensure data security.

The advanced data security is critical for our business. You do not have to worry about the security of your research work. Author Assists uses a highly secure network to collect, share, and store essential information. With our advanced data security system, the client’s data remain protected from theft and loss.

We assure you that we have the latest submission system and policies to keep your valuable data intact and secure. In addition, our editors sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the real identity of the authors and their unpublished work.

With the objective to safeguard the interest of our clients, we offer an easy-to-access online portal to help track the changes in their manuscript and check the progress from time to time.

Client’s information is only shared with the assigned editor to ensure complete privacy. Clients can directly login via the website to review their manuscript. Author Assists will never ask clients to share their login credentials.

To simplify the process and help our clients understand the related terms and conditions, we have created a separate page containing confidential information.

Why trust our data security mechanism?

At Author Assists, security is a top priority. We use the best Data Encryption Standards, and our team of experts and IT professionals make sure that your data is safe and guarded.

  • Author Assists relies on advanced data encryption technology to safeguard a secure transfer and storage of information and data sent by clients.
  • Any information or data sent by clients will not be shared with any third party
  • Secure online management system is only accessible by authorized personnel of Author Assists.

Author Assists’ Assurance

Our company has collaborated with thousands of scholars, researchers, organizations, and libraries to transform the research publishing industry.

We believe in the power of content and deliver high-end editing service to clients. We promise 100% quality, on-time delivery, and error-free manuscripts.

Quality Guarantee:

Cosmic Strands has assisted leading authors, journals, and clients across the globe.


The English Editing Services are designed to improve the language of the manuscript and increase its acceptance rate. However, we would not offer a 100% guarantee of publication. We offer customized end-to-end support publishing tools and resources to our clients.

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Meet our team of editors

The editors at Author Assists have exceptional competency in their chosen field of study. They have the right skill set and relevant experience in editing the manuscript for highly challenging copyediting and proofreading of complex topics. For 100% quality assurance, the manuscripts are rechecked by a senior reviewer and a language expert.