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ALE’s advanced plagiarism detector

ALE’s advanced plagiarism detector

ALE’s advanced plagiarism detector


ALE’s advanced plagiarism detector is engineered for the corporate market and academia. The plagiarism software integrated into ALE editing tool helps researchers and professional academic writers to evaluate and assess their work for potential plagiarism before publishing.


This is a web-based service that detects and identifies similar or identical text from an extensive database available online. It checks and marks plagiarized text in a written document to ensure the research is novel and eligible for publishing. ALE’s anti-plagiarism engine is integrated with advanced reporting system that provides a full analysis report on the detected plagiarism.


These advanced options help in achieving exclusion options to zero in on the critical matches, with an updated database that has an extensive range of content collection, including top-of-the-line and latest research published, covering over billions of research papers, and an online repository for comparison. This process helps eliminate the probabilities of false-positive matches to sources that cannot be easily tracked down.


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