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About Us

Company information & Experience

Company Information & Experience

Author Assists was founded in the year 2004 with the prime objective of providing high-quality English language editorial services to authors and scholars. For more than 15 years, our team has been committed to transforming the publishing industry by offering advanced content solutions to support authors in their publication journey. With a client-centric approach, we develop customized and effective editorial and digitization solutions to connect authors, scholars, and internationally recognized universities with each other.

Our team has designed comprehensive publishing support services to help authors connect with publishers. With expertise in more than 12,000+ subject areas, our BELS-certified editors actively support research organizations, academicians, and universities. We also assist authors understand the emerging concepts and trends of the publishing industry.

Our Team has
  • Edited over 1,000,000 papers
  • Edited over 10,000+ books
  • Assisted over 150,000+ authors
  • 1,000+ subject-area experts
  • Editors with 15+ years of experience
  • Worked with reputed publishers such as Elsevier, Oxford University Press, and Wiley

Key Features

Key Features

Fast Turnaround

On-time manuscript submission to publishing companies is very crucial for authors. Our team ensures delivery of projects without compromising on quality within 2–5 days depending on the client’s needs and requirements. Our turnaround time is also customized to suit clients’ convenience so that they receive the finished project at a predetermined timeline.

Customer Support

We strive to offer high-end and customized publishing solutions to the clients round the clock. We also provide a free Q&A session that facilitates an author connect with the assigned editor anytime and anywhere using the online live chat feature on our website.

Professional Editors

Our team of editors has served over 150,000 authors and edited 1,000,000+ manuscripts. Author Assists’ native English-speaking editors are BELS certified. Our editors and subject-matter experts employ their language and technical expertise in different subject areas. Delivery of a 100% error-free final document is an assurance that our editors propose for every assignment.

Advanced Data Security

Author Assists uses advanced data encryption technology and ensures that the information and data shared by the client will not be shared by any third party. The documents submitted by the authors are managed using a secure online management system that can only be accessed by authorized personnel of Author Assists.

Customized service

To assure 100% customer satisfaction, Author Assists offers a wide range of English Editing, Formatting, and Translation services to choose from. We offer instant price quote to help authors select the type of service according to their manuscript’s field of study and journal requirements.

Flexible Payment

Our client service executives provide step-by-step guidance to go through the payment process. We offer flexible payment options to authors. Clients can make the payment either after selecting a service plan or after receiving the complete project submission, depending on the type of project and AA’s discretion.

Services Offered

Services Offered

English Editing

Author Assists takes immense pride in asserting that editing of both US and UK English forms a cornerstone of our editing service. We have a team of native PhD editors who proofread as well as fact-check manuscripts with an eye for detail. Authors can select the type of editing service, and we guarantee complete project delivery


We follow a multiple-step process in which the manuscript is reviewed by a bilingual expert, an English editor, and a senior reviewer. Our team specializes in translating documents of various types such as research papers, case studies, research reports, and review articles. After translation, the content is also checked for language consistency, structure, grammar, and spelling errors.

Book Editing

Author Assists offers standard and advanced levels of book editing services designed to make a book professional and more refined in terms of content. Along with improving the language, the editors provide guidelines to authors related to publishing trends and concepts. We also turn the author’s vision into a real-life concept in the form of a book cover.

Our Team

Our Team

Meet Our Editors

Our core team members follow a twin-editing model to make sure that the author's manuscript is thoroughly reviewed by a qualified subject-matter expert and a language editor. Author Assists’ reviewers and editors work extensively to add value to the author’s manuscript. The editors perform multiple quality checks to ensure that the content is clear, correct, and current. Our team of editors are BELS-certified.

Author Assists' team of editors are highly qualified in their chosen field of study. They have the right skill set and relevant experience in editing the manuscript for detailed copyediting and proofreading on complex topics. For 100% quality assurance, the manuscripts are re-checked by a senior reviewer and a language expert.

QT/QA Model

QT/QA Model

We are proud to present a unique and time-tested model "Quantized Target/Quality Assurance" to facilitate the process of quality checks while editing an author’s manuscript. The model is based on the quality assurance methodology to support quality checks during the post-production stage and pre-delivery stage of the manuscript.

AA-PTS Portal

AA-PTS Portal

To provide customized publishing solutions to clients, our technical experts have developed a cloud-based customer support system. It is designed to help clients upload and download their projects online. AA-PTS enables status tracking of current and completed projects. The system is available on Google Play Store and iTunes.