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English Editing

Our team of editors specializes in creating professional and well-formatted thesis papers, research papers, reports, and academic manuscripts. These experts review the documents for grammar, punctuation, consistency, and sentence structure.


  • Native Subject-Area Experts
  • Multiple rounds of Editing
  • 180 Days After Sales Support
  • Free Cover Letter & Editors Q&A
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Translation Services

Our bilingual experts translate the manuscript with accuracy, taking care of language nuances. The team ensures that the translated version conveys the original meaning of the content to the target audience .


  • Bilingual Experts
  • Keeping aesthetics and semantics intact
  • Retaining local flavour of the original manuscript
  • Extensive After Sales Support
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Book Editing

Our experienced editors will help you tell your great stories in an enhanced and polished way. Our team will enhance the plot, character and pace for your book and turn into a best-selling novel.


  • Select, experienced editors in fiction and non-fiction
  • Offer multiple rounds of editing
  • 100% quality and on-time delivery is our promise
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Professional Editors

Our editors are skilled and experienced to understand the obstacles faced by the ESL authors in English writing.

Faster Turn-around Time

Along with offering a fair price quote, authors also select a pre-defined delivery time and request for quicker delivery of manuscript.

24-Hour Support

We place our customer first and providing support 24x7 is our focus for the highest satisfaction of authors and resolve their queries.

Advanced Data Security

Security is key for storing and accessing sensitive information. Our 128-bit secured network ensures your data security.

Customized service

Author requires various support starting from journal selection to journal submission. We provide authors with the customized solution as per their need.

Flexible Payment

We understand the concerns of our authors and offer payment flexibility with our advance and post-payment solutions.

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How we work?



Project is assigned to the editor according to the subject area and field of study.

Editor who has relevant experience in the subject area works on the manuscript so that they can understand the concepts and edit accordingly.



The manuscript is thoroughly checked for grammar, spelling, and consistency.

Our editors work to make the sentences more concise and meaningful for the target audience. They make sure that the manuscript is perfect in every way.



The manuscript is reviewed by a senior reviewer for quality.

We have devised a quality-checking method (QT/QA) to make sure that the manuscript is 100% error-free. The revised document is reviewed by a senior editor.



The paper is re-edited based on the feedback provided by the author.

Our editors offer publishing support to authors. We believe in delivering manuscripts with high quality. For 100% customer satisfaction, we are offering free re-editing service to our clients.


Author Assist’s team of editors is immensely qualified in their chosen field of study. They have the right skill set and relevant experience in editing the manuscript for detailed copyediting and proofreading on complex topics. For 100% quality assurance, the manuscripts are re-checked by a senior reviewer and a language expert. Our team of editors are BELS-certified.